Ready, Steady… Read Challenge

We have created this challenge to get your little ones to read more or complete their homework with ease knowing that they will be rewarded at the end of their 30-day challenge. This year has been a difficult time for us all, and we all need encouragement to get back into the routine of school work.

Safety is paramount to Britain’s Little Winners and all steps have been taken to keep children safe. Please supervise children while medals are being worn. Suitable for children over the age of 3.


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Ready, Steady… Read Challenge

What does the challenge involve?

  • Read a book for at least 5/10 minutes or more per a day.
  • Re-tell the story in your own words to an adult, sibling or teacher
  • Can you create a book cover from the story you have read about (pictures please we love to see what you have created)? 
  • Can you read using different voices?
  • Can you snuggle up and read a story to your pet or family member.
  • Complete your homework on a daily basics. 

We will send you medal out 30 days after you have started your challenge. 

Ready, Steady… Read Challenge


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