The Brownlee Foundation

We’ve partnered with some of triathlons biggest stars

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, Olympic triathletes, loved being active whilst they were growing up and still get so much enjoyment from swimming, cycling, running and triathlon.

The Foundation

The Brownlee Foundation was founded by Alistair and Jonny to inspire children from all backgrounds to enjoy sport, encourage them to lead active lifestyles and benefit from the opportunities sport provides. The Foundation organises fun, non-competitive and inclusive mini-triathlon events to introduce and engage primary school children across the four sports of swimming, cycling, running and triathlon. Events have taken place in 12 different locations around the UK which has enabled over 32,000 children to try out the sport of triathlon. From 1 event in Leeds 2014, the number of events has now grown to a total of 10 taking place annually across Yorkshire, the Midlands, Manchester and London. 

The Challenge

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee and Britain’s little winners want to encourage all children to be active and enjoy sport. We have created this challenge to get children moving and make a positive change to their activity whilst having fun.

This challenge is all about the number 51.5, a unique number to the Brownlee brothers. They currently race Olympic distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run) which equals a total of 51.5km. We have incorporated this into our challenge and are asking you to attempt to complete your own 51.5 challenge. It would be brilliant if you chose to get involved in swimming, cycling, and running, but feel free to choose an activity that makes you smile and feels like fun. 

How to get involved


Track Your Progress

Its easy to track your progress on fitness apps like Strava, just download the app for free, or track on a wristwatch, phone or work out the distance from one place to another. 


Get Your Medal!

Please tag us in, on any pictures you may have taken while completing the challenges using our social media.


Challenge Complete

As soon as you challenge is completed, we will post out your new well deserved medal. 

Take on The Brownlee Foundation Active Sports Challenge

20% per medal sold from the Brownlee Foundation Active Sports Challenge goes to the Brownlee Foundation.