Making Little, Big.

Welcome to the home of LITTLE winners

Do something great, do something big, do something little.

Everyday medal challenges help little ones dream big.


Welcome to
Britain’s Little Winners

Here at Little Winners, we know that even the tiny things can have a big impact. What might seem small to an adult, can be of huge significance to a child and the sense of achievement upon completing even the smallest of tasks, can take on enormous proportions!

Everyone likes to feel valued and recognised for their efforts – particularly children. That’s where Britain’s Little Winners comes in! We make the little, big! Everything we do is aimed at making children happy – the primary objective for our activities is to enable children to have fun! 

Our fun challenges run across different age groups and capabilities, so that any child can participate. On completing the challenge, we celebrate the achievement by awarding the child a medal, which they can keep and treasure. At Britain’s Little Winners it’s not about competing with anyone; it’s about doing your best and celebrating your success. Most of all, it’s about children enjoying themselves and feeling good! 

Alongside the wellbeing benefits (boosting self-esteem, confidence and happiness), many of our challenges support other areas of a child’s development. Some support educational development, others improve physical health and promote healthy living or encourage development of social skills through interaction with others. All, however, require dedication and commitment to succeed – embedding important life skills.  

Turbo, our friendly tortoise will help children on their journey. Turbo has been inspired by the values demonstrated in the Hare and the Tortoise story, in which the tortoise recognised its strengths and limitations, remained driven and focused, gave 100% and reaped the rewards. All values we encourage!

Look out for Turbo, who will be appearing frequently throughout the challenges to offer support, encouragement and raise a smile along the way.

Happy Little Winners

We hope to inspire children to get involved and try new activities. Most of all, we aim to bring a smile to children’s faces.
No matter how small the challenge, anyone completing it is a Big Achiever in our eyes!

We really do make little, BIG!

Jonny Brownlee on behalf of the Brownlee Foundation

“Choose a challenge, do your best and most importantly, have fun!”

Ashleigh Plumtre – Leicester City Ladies Captain

“I am proud to support Britain’s little winners to help more children to get active, stay healthy and be true to themselves!”